Multigrain braided bread

A Marathon of Baking

Multigrain braided breadRight around the time I decided that I wanted to try training for a sprint level triathlon (500 m swim, 20 km bike and a 5 km run), I simultaneously dove right into a marathon of sunday baking.  We are still pushing along with making all of our breads and baked goodies.  So while the loaves and muffins and pitas baked away, I sketched out a rough plan for my new 10 week training program.  The first step will be to have my bike fixed.   It had two tune ups last year and somehow still woke up this spring in the worst shape ever.  In reality…I kinda need a new bike, but that’s for another budget year.  Right after I pear upside down muffinsput the pear upside-down muffins in the oven, I also gathered all the information I will need in order to plan my weekly swimming sessions at the local pool.  Unfortunately, the schedule at the pool here is less than ideal and most of the lane swimming times happen during my work day.  However, there are a few times throughout the week where I can catch a swim before work or later in the evening.  So this week I will get my bike off to the shop and start off with a mix of swim and run training.

Perhaps thinking about a triathlon is what spurred the excessive baking this sunday.   My lovely took care of making our bread for the week (one loaf of multigrain and a beautiful braided loaf that looks so so wonderful).  But while I was thinking of extra runs, long distance bike rides and swimming laps…I also thought about all that my body has to do in a week.  I have a very physically demanding job which should make all this training an extra challenge.

pita breadI’m finding it really hard these days to stay motivated with work-outs, crafting, creating and writing.  I think in part due to isolation…a lack of community to share and grow with.  Yesterday we went to Toronto for the day and it was so refreshing (for a rural girl) to spend the day surrounded by so many people.  Although I hate to admit it, some part of me is still a city girl.  I was raised in both settings and always feel like I hover somewhere in the middle.  Loving the silence and beauty of where I am, but craving the hustle of a more active social life.  So far my weekend has been in both worlds.  Saturday we visited the Royal Ontario Museum, ate delicious vietnamese food on Spadina and snooped around the second hand delights of Kensington Market.   Sunday, nestled in our country life, I’ve been baking, running and digging up wild leeks out on the trails.

What we baked this week:  2 loaves multigrain bread, Rosemary and Parmesan Foccacia (a gift for our rosemary parmesan foccacianeighbour), Pear Upside Down Muffins and a dozen pita breads.   What I picked up in Kensington Market:  a fantastic red floral vintage smock apron and a cotton batik wrap skirt for summer.  What I loved at the ROM:  beautiful displays of butterflies from their specimen collection and inspiration perhaps for a future embroidery project.

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