Shakespeare in the Park


Shakespeare in the ParkI am not immune to envy.  I carry it by the truckload.  Recently, it’s been anytime I hear of someone travelling or going on vacation.  Vacation is a word that is almost so foreign to me as to be quite difficult to role off my tongue. I am up to my ears in Adventure Envy.  But perhaps the great challenge or adventure for me has not been to vacate, but rather to remain.

We are working hard outside in this already too hot summer and I’ve been struggling this week to just make it through each day…and sadly, I’ve also been having a hard time seeing my own surroundings, my own life, for what it actually may be.  In fact, right now, I could be the object of someone’s envy.  After all, I’m not bound by the walls of an office or a dreaful little cubicle.  My bare feet and hands have an ample amount of soil to dig into each and every day.  I couldn’t hear my neighbours even if I tried and my view is generally of tall flowing grasses and trees.

In my lifelong struggle to steady myself, I have frequently run into these bouts where in a tantrum over the lack of ‘grand’ adventures in my life I fail to see the plethora of wonderful little adventures available right in front of me.  I sit around and mope and complain, instead of getting out there and doing.  Sure, I can’t see a vacation happening anytime soon…but I can walk right out my door and right onto the Bruce Trail.  I can’t have someone else’s life.  I have to live my own.  And my own life has not been void of adventure.  The shape of that adventure has simply changed.  It’s very much possible that I simply reached my tolerance limit for hostel beds that smell like pee.

One of my newest adventures is the rekindling of an old creative love.  My treat for paying off my debt was to purchase a new camera.  I’m still flipping through the manual and trying to learn how to use it (this is my first time switching from a 35 mm film slr to a Digital slr), but I think this new camera and me are definitely an item.  And seeing as I’m terrible at keeping a journal, I’ve decided to acquaint myself with my new camera by keeping a daily photo journal.  So stay tuned as I’ll be frequently sharing my “365 Days in Photos”.

Our latest mini vacation…(right now, because we live at work…anytime we step away from home feels like a vacation)…spent last night in a nearby park watching a live performance of Shakespeare’s Macbeth and eating a delicious picnic on a blanket.

1 thought on “Adventure

  1. mel

    ooooooh, I’m so green over all that green that surrounds you there! Good thoughts, it really is so so much about our perspective isn’t it? Like that quote: “comparison is the thief of joy”…. unless of course you’re comparing to the guy in the dark cubicle!
    Sounds lovely there – enjoy that camera!! ;o)


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