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What She Ate: By The Campfire

what she ate


camping frontenac parkSometimes, despite all your best campsite cuisine intentions, you still end up huddled under a soggy tarp late at night chewing into a large pork roast that took hours to cook in a barely smoldering rain storm drenched fire.  And now I know why a whole pork roast should probably remain off the menu on a canoe trip.  But regardless, the roast was good.

Lately my camping has involved either being at the cabin or pitching a tent next to my car.  It’s not ideal and I long to be stuffing a barrel full of food and loading it into a canoe.   But time outside, any way you can fit it into your budget and schedule, is time well spent.  We are heading later this week to Arrowhead provincial park for a little relaxation, feet up by the fire pit or else endless games of fetch in the water with Sadie at the dog beach.

Most of the time when I’m camping or at the cabin I like to keep the meals simple.  Easy to make, quick clean-up and minimal planning.  But it’s important after a day of hiking, swimming and/or paddling, to have a decent meal to enjoy at the end of the day.  This week I’ll be packing up some homemade hummus, chicken and vegetable kebabs, oatmeal, coffee (but of course!) and nibbles of chocolate.

chicken cashew campfire curry

On a hiking trip in Frontenac Provincial Park we packed up juicy steaks with potatoes and threw them down on the grill provided at the site.  I also stirred up a meal of Chicken Cashew Curry.  It basically consists of a pouch of pre-cooked rice, a can of chicken, a handful of cashews and a pouch of curry sauce.  We threw in some extra spices and voila.

campfire steak and potatoes


I’m hoping this year my summer will included at least a few more camping trips, some long hikes and…oh please let there be an autumn canoe trip.  Yep, i’m going to make it happen.  It’s a must.

Oh and I just have to share this with you, it’s not camping appropriate but what the heck…I’m still not eating dairy and this little dessert made me so happy the other day when it was so so hot.  It consists of 4-5 chopped frozen bananas, 2 tsp of cocoa and a handful of frozen berries.  I slapped it all in the food processor and whirred it until was smooth and creamy like ice cream (but not so long that it would melt).  Oh and I think there is a few drips of vanilla extract in there too.

dairy-free banana ice dessert


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