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stretch jersey dress diy


stretch jersey dress diytoday, acceptance.

instead of burying my head in the blankets for another hour…another half hour…another fifteen minutes…just a few more minutes…up early to walk the dog with the sun rising.  dew fresh on the grass.  a rabbit crossed our path.  a mama turkey and five babies.  the fields in the horse paddocks freshly cut.  the apple trees all lined up in a row.

now coffee.  resting in my favourite chair.  crickets outside the window.  a basket of knitting and fresh new patterns.

tomatoes to be canned.  bread to be baked.
the hum of the washing machine.
pots to the scrubbed.
floors to be swept.

but first…perhaps a hike on the Bruce Trail.
it’ll all still be here when i get back.

this is a dress i recently finished making.  super simple.  dead easy to make.  traced one of my favourite skirts.  cut from some stretchy jersey fabric from a Fabricland sale that’s been sitting in my stash for years.  sewn up the two sides.  created a tube for the top.  attached top to bottom.  quick serge around the bottom edge.

from start to finish…only about 15 minutes.  likely took me longer to thread the serger.  i took an extra half hour to add in a built-in bra…but i’m going to tear that part out today.  it’s way more comfortable without it.  the tube part of the top just snug enough to stay put.  layers well.  and my hatred of bras applies apparently even to built-ins.

Three cheers to Saturday!