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What to Wear: Floral


I’ve fallen asleep again at the blogging wheel.  And I completely missed ‘What to Wear’ for St. Patrick’s Day, but I can assure you that my display was pathetic and likely didn’t include a stitch of green.  For shame!  However, when I received the reminder about this weeks theme being “Floral”, I really couldn’t resist… I do love a floral print.

When I started looking through my house for all things floral I realized that there is a touch of it just about everywhere.  Subtle.  Little tiny prints.  Curtains in my sewing room.  Duvet cover.  Blue roses on my handmade laptop case.  Aprons. Fabric swatches.  Jewelry.  Trinket boxes.  and Photographs.

In my defense…I was raised by a florist.

And here is the next shameful part of this post…I didn’t even bother to take a photo of myself in any of the outfits.  But I did snag out my favourite pieces to show you.  (There was, as could be predicted, plenty of floral print options in my closet).

vintage floral print dress

This dress, and the one that follows, were two finds that I picked up while on vacation this winter in Montreal.  It rained the whole day and we hopped from one micro-brew pub to the next…eventually stumbling on a large stuffed to the brim kinda vintage shop with a huge sale…hooray!  There was an abundance of cute dresses.  The pink one is my favourite as it combines two things I love:  lace trim and tiny floral print.  I’m not typically a big fan of pink, but lately it’s been catching my eye.  I was drawn to the ‘girly’ nature of these dresses.  Although I spend all winter in jeans or yoga pants, I’m pretty much all skirts and dresses once the warm weather hits.  In truth…I actually hate pants.  And shoes.  I truly hate shoes.

vintage floral print dress

This top.  It didn’t fit me for a long time and it probably should have made its way into a donation bag at some point, but I held out with hope.  And hooray, it fits again!   I have never owned the right kinda bra to put under a top like this.  So sometimes I go ‘sans-bra’ and just blush a whole lot throughout the day.  Maybe that’s too much information and maybe fashion belongs only to those who properly contain their breasts, but I won’t judge if you won’t!  If you’re keeping track it also means that on top of hating pant and shoes…I also hate bras.

floral print camisole

i was going to show you the blue and white floral print apron that I used to wear over top of everything (because I used to think aprons should be worn everywhere and honestly I still do), but I thought I’d shorten this up and just end with one of my all-time favourite floral print items…this cotton scarf.  Bought it at a garage sale somewhere in England (yep, real specific…you know the place right?).  I think i was wandering around lost.  Initially I bought the scarf for the small carrying bag it was in so I would have something to stuff my journal into.  But the scarf has been a regular ever since.  I’ve used it as a curtain, table cloth, scarf, sarong…you get the picture.

summary:  most of my clothing can be used alternating as home decor.  hates pants, shoes and bras.

 if you are taking fashion advice from me…oh i’m not sure there is help for you.  none whatsoever.  but best wishes.

cotton floral print scarf

 Oh and I almost forgot…this link-up stuff is all new…but head on over to Nicole’s Blog  Gypsy in Jasper to check out all the other great “What to Wear” floral combinations!

What to Wear: Ladies Night!


Seriously, are you going to take fashion advice from me?  Maybe you should take it with a grain of salt.  I may very well be the least fashionable person I know.  For one thing, I almost never buy clothes.  And most of the time I’m covered in dirt or cleaning chemicals from work.  Dressed to impress…janitors!

But you see I’ve been enjoying reading all the other ‘What to Wear’ posts so much that I thought it might be fun to join up.  And I’ve got this little itty bitty resolution to get over the whole ‘no, don’t take my photo’ thing.  Plus I thought it might give me an excellent excuse to slip out of my work clothes from time to time and dolly myself up.


The theme this time around is Ladies Night.  Honestly, the last time I went out with my ladies was in the summer.  We live and work on a 500 acre property surrounded by fence and we almost never go anywhere.  So Ladies Night for me typically involves a cold bottle of beer and woodworking out in the shop. But you see, we are preparing to return to social life.  So instead of showing you my shop clothes (which I was wearing five minutes before I took these photos), I thought I’d show you the outfit I put together for Valentine’s Day (where yes, we did indeed go out…and it was fabulous).

I rushed in, threw on the outfit and grabbed my camera (but there was no one home to help with the photo shoot).  Technical difficulties.  We live in what feels like a storage space.  There are only three windows across two floors and the most unforgiving fluorescent lights.  I actually might have been better off trying to take these photos in the garage.  But anyways…I promise the photos will get better (our new place has tons o’ windows).  And that’s right, I could not get my entire self with the entire outfit showing in one photo.  Head or bottom chopped off every time.  No biggie.


The outfit…my favourite comfy cotton white tank that I wear under almost everything,  a denim button up shirt from Gap that I got 2nd hand, a big red scarf (also thrifted) and …drum roll please…a red jersey maxi skirt that I made a few hours before going out for the night!  I’m also sporting a spoon ring I got from the Orangeville Farmer’s Market in the summer.  It’s got a beautiful ‘narcissus’ pattern on it that I love, big dangly earrings I scored from a thrift shop for $2 and a new feather necklace that I made from supplies scored at the Arton Bead Shop in Toronto (if you are ever in Toronto…this is the place for crafty jewelry supplies.  It’s bead heavenImage).

No shoes.  Ordinarily I’m all about winter, but this year I got the major blues and my feet keep begging me for warm soil.  I swear…you can actually hear them crying when I shove them into wool socks and big heavy winter boots.  Giant heaving sobs of distress.

So, how did I do?  Next up will be ‘What to Wear’  for St. Pat’s.  And if you are looking for other wonderful ‘What to Wear’ ideas check out these fabulous fashion divas of the web:

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